How Much Does It Cost

Straight Forward fees - No Hidden Costs

A typical dispute can be resolved in one day of mediation. Sometimes a shorter session will suffice. No matter how complex your case, we will only charge you one, simple, flat fee for each mediation.

If both parties wish to engage in more detailed negotiations, mediation can continue at an hourly rate of £200 per party.The above fees do not include VAT.

Mediations involving a dispute with three or more parties, will require a bespoke quote. The cost of hiring rooms, if the mediation can not take place at the office of one of the parties’ solicitors; or the overnight travelling costs of our mediator, are additional.

ICM offer a reduced cost annual mediation retainer package. For a monthly fee we will provide an agreed number of mediations per annum.

We also offer a limited number of pro bono or free mediations each month as part of our charitable contribution. Please get in touch if you would like to be considered for this scheme.

our price plans

James is so confident that Inman Cox Mediation will save you time and money that his practice offers a money-back guarantee.

If, as a result of engaging Inman Cox Mediation, you are not fully satisfied that the mediation process has been beneficial, you will be entitled to a 100% refund of the fee. (Any travel expenses and room hire costs still apply.)

Telephone Mediation

£ 200
per party
  • up to 1 hour telephone mediation

Express mediation

£ 300
per party
  • up to 2 hours

Half Day Mediation

£ 600
per party
  • up to 4 hours

Full Day Mediation

£ 1200
per party
  • up to 7 hours

Evaluative mediation

£ 1800
per party
  • up to 10 hours

Pro Bono Mediation

£ 0
per party
  • Charitable Contribution - Conditions Apply

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